Meet Our Coordinator


     Jen started working with Lilí Kickers while she was a student athlete at Dominican University. Jen started out as an assistant coach and fell so in love with the program and the kids that she worked her way up to a lead coach in no time. In 2013 Jen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. After graduation Jen worked as an aid in a special needs preschool class. Although Jen loved her students and the lessons she learned, she realized that her true passion was teaching kids soccer. Jen is now the Program Coordinator for Lil Kickers NWI.  Jen loves when the kids come in screaming her name and are so excited to go to outer space or the ocean. When Jen isnít playing Coney Island Forest with our Lilí Kickers she is playing with her dog, Sky, and riding her bike.
Jen Russ
Hometown: Downers Grove
College: Dominican University